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Teresa Sharman

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Personal Statement

The approach from which I work is Cognitive Behavioural, and although this continues to be the main frame of reference, there has been a noticable shift in my interests over the last couple of years, towards a more "third wave" and trans-theoretical foci. Thus, making use of other methodologies in therapy that explore the role of "acceptance" and "compassion". I have an idiosyncratic approach to my work, placing particular value upon the relationship with the client, working with them in a collaborative way to construct an understanding of their problem development as a base from which we can begin our work.

Prior to qualifying as a psychotherapist, my journey has encompassed an array of experiences; the running themes of such seem to have been centred upon my passion and intrigue into the workings of the human mind, and became the focus of my career interest in my early adult years.


Registered / accredited with I am fully accredited with the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and have been a member since 2005.
Code(s) of Ethics In my practice I adhere to the BABCP standards of conduct, performance and ethics
Qualifications In 2000, I completed a BSc in Psychology. I then went on to gain further experiential work, and an academic qualification in Mental Health Nursing (2004), where my interests expanded to working in a more focussed and specialised way with the "Self". I acquired a PGcert in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBP) in 2006 and PGdip CBP in 2007 following two further years of advanced Psychotherapy training.
Special Interest / Experience

I have special interest/experience in working with people aged 18yrs and above, with complex depressive and anxiety symptoms, including Post Traumatic Stress, Obsessive Compulsive problems, Childhood Trauma, Social Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia, Bereavement and related issues.

Theoretical Approach The main framework from which we will undertake our work is from a Cognitive Behavioural perspective: paying attention to, exploring and making sense of how our thoughts, behaviour, emotional and physical sense of self relate to our external world relative to that 'something' you are bringing to therapy.
Therapeutic Experience For the past two years, I have been (and continue) working part time for a local Mental Health Trust in a specialist Psychotherapy Service, and am also available for private practice.
How I work

Once we have made contact, we can arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time to assess whether cognitive behavioural psychotherapy is suitable for your individual needs. Assessment usually takes place over one to two sessions.

Following the assessment, we can discuss how we are going to work, i.e. whether you require a time limited approach (e.g. a fixed course of 10 sessions) or longer term work.

I also work in All my work is undertaken in English.
Additional information I see individuals aged 18yrs and above,
Fees My Fees are £55 per one hour session. Some concessionary rates may be available.
Availability Please contact me to discuss. Availablitiy can be flexible.
Contact Details

I can be contacted through the contact form on this website
my personal
I can also be contacted by mobile: 0797 991 5026


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