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Katherine Akroyd

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Personal Statement

The Humanistic approach has and continues to be the form of therapy that most closely matches my sense of the world and how human beings exist within it. Based as it is in the fundamental concept of the power of human growth, it speaks to me of hope, of personal power, of the ability for each of us to change ourselves and our world into someone or something that we can experience differently. I am inspired!

I am also encouraged. It seems to me that it takes courage to try to change things that matter to us – which is why I believe the therapeutic relationship is so valuable. If you wish him/her to be, your therapist can in a real sense be a companion on your journey into the not-quite (un)known.

I am thrilled to work with Ambika and to be part of creating Be-ing, as we continue to transform vision into reality. It seems to me that our collaborations have taken on a life of their own, becoming more than the sum of the two parts.

In the future I hope to offer meditation groups, and workshops incorporating the themes of personal empowerment and the sacred feminine.

I look forward to working with our other resident therapists and to exploring the possibility of offering other workshop titles.

Registered / accredited with

I am a member of BACP and I am UKCP Registered

I have also been a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development since 1994

Code(s) of Ethics BACP & UKCP.
  • MA Humanistic Person Centred Psychotherapy.
  • Post Graduate Diploma and Certificate in the same field.
  • Postgraduate qualification in Personnel Management
  • BSc(Hons) degree
Special interest / experience

I have been working with clients since 2005, in the voluntary sector, in the NHS, and in private practice.

I have particular experience working with clients who are depended upon as carers; and working with clients who have experienced profound or traumatising loss in their lives.

Theoretical approach Humanistic - see Our Philosophy on the How We Work Page for more details.

I am especially interested in the area of research relating to the use of touch / physical contact as a therapeutic intervention.

I am also interested in human empowerment and how, as human beings, we define ourselves.

Therapeutic Experience I work with adults (men and women) who come to therapy to address a variety of issues; including relationship worries, personal development goals and emotional crises.
How I work Firstly, I meet with a potential client to discuss how therapy might be helpful, to find out if we each feel able to and wish to work together, and for how long we might work. If we agree to go ahead, I then see clients on a one to one basis, for a 50 minute session scheduled at regular weekly intervals, with appropriate reviews incorporated to discuss how we are progressing. I work with clients on short-term therapy (10 -12 sessions) and for much longer periods of time.
I also work in All my work is undertaken in English.
Additional information I also work as a Management Consultant (
Fees My standard fee is £45 per session.
Initial session is charged at half price, and there is no obligation to continue beyond the first session.
Availability I regularly work from Vernon St on Monday to Wednesday between 9am and 2pm.
Contact Details

I can be contacted through the contact form on this website
Mobile: 07808 584203


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